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Very short profile Who am I?

I am Luca Cappa, an italian boy, who has the computer's passion since born: in fact I got MS in Computer Science at the Computer Science Department of University of Turin

Background Where I am coming from.

I am from the most sunny country of Europe, Italy. There, I was born in May of 1977 and I grew up in Chieri, a small town near the city of Turin, famous for the FIAT car constructor. Since my life seems to be centered on school, below I am listing those I've attended.

In Chieri I attended the five years of primary school (6-10 years old) at Scuola Silvio Pellico. I completed the compulsory school attending till 13 years old at the Scuola Media Quarini in Chieri. Then I had to choose what to study in the secondary school. I decided to take the five years of Liceo Scientifico (always in Chieri!), whose at the end I received the high school diploma in summer 1996. The Scientifico's course of study teaches mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, history, philosophy and Latin language. Finished the secondary school, I continued my course of study at the University of Turin (it is only 15km far away from Chieri), studying Computer Science. This has been my intention since when my parents bought for me a Commodore 64 computer (I was nine years old, in 1986). In December 2003 I got happily graduated with the result of 107/110.

While writing the thesis, I started the Civil Service (the alternative to military service) carrying out 36 hours a week in the public library of my little town; there I knew some new friends and therefore it has been very interesting for me :-) It would had lasted for ten months, starting from October 2003, but after my graduation I received many jobs proposals, and I got employed by a software/hardware embedded system producer in April 2004.

I got in 2005 the EUCIP (European Certification of Informatics Professionals)

Computer Technologies Software development skills
  • C/C++ on Windows and Linux platforms;
  • C on 8051/ARM CortexM3 architectures;
  • OpenGL/shaders;
  • Java+J2EE/Servlets;
Interests Other stuff I enjoy(ed).

Sports: running, soccer, swimming.

Contact Info How to get in touch with me.

One of my email addresses is, just replace the underscores characters with the @ character :)

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